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African American Advisory Council (AAPAC)

The mission of Edgemont's African-American Parent Advisory Council (AAPAC) is to support the academic and social-emotional growth of our African-American students.
Our Goals
  • Educate and inform parents of district resources, policies, and programs.
  • Empower the lives of all African -American children and families by providing the knowledge and skills necessary to advocate for high-quality educational experiences.
  • Encourage and support parents to engage with educators and administrators in positive partnership
  • Celebrate African -American culture and traditions district-wide.
  • Support cultural proficiency development and equitable practice.
Your input matters and would be appreciated! Come and meet the members of the Edgemont Village. 
Recorded AAPAC Meetings 
April 2021
MVUSD AAAC Information

Calling All Fathers to “The Black Fatherhood Program”

See Details below, if interested please contact Akosua Atuahene at [email protected] or Office: (951) 247-1700


It is me again, Akosua Atuahene, Director of Black Empowerment & Operations at SBX Youth and Family Services. We have begun a new program called " The Black Fatherhood Program" and are always looking forward to collaborating with other great leaders of the community.


We would love to know how we can assist our African American Fathers within the MVUSD.

 We are now serving fathers in Riverside County.


Our Focus is:

> Improving black infant birth outcomes and reducing black infant mortality.

>  An array of interventions that are designed to work in parallel with the Black Infant Health Program Intervention model.

>  Eliminating the exclusion of fathers, providing a safe space for black men to be vulnerable, and understanding their role in the family dynamic when it comes to assisting mom during the pregnancy stages and co-parenting.


This 4-6 week training program is available for existing fathers as well as soon-to-be fathers. I am more than open to introduce this to you further. Please let me know if you have any questions or requests. 


The current dates are as follows: Choose Friday or Saturday to join


Friday, March 12th @ 6:00pm       Saturday, March 13 @ 10:00am

Friday, April 30th @ 6:00pm          Saturday, April 31st @ 10:00am

Friday, June 18th @ 6:00pm          Saturday, June 19th @ 10:00am



If a participant joins this Friday, this will be joining every Friday(only) for the next 6 weeks

If a participant joins this Saturday, this will be joining every Saturday(only) for the next 6 weeks.