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PBIS Distance Learning Matrix

Dear Eagle Families/Caregivers,

As we enter into this time of distance learning, we encourage you to provide a predictable, consistent, positive, and safe environment for learning. At Edgemont, we set daily common expectations, teach and re-teach and acknowledge the expectations through Edgemont SOAR. We encourage you to strengthen the partnership between home and school with Edgemont SOAR by connecting school expectations to home expectations. 

Please read and review the matrix expectations on the other side with your child(ren) and find opportunities to practice. We encourage using a positive approach, which includes:

  1. Outlining the expected behavior in a clear, concise way so everyone is on the same page (adults and children).
  2. Teaching the expected behavior and re-teaching when there are struggles.
  3. Acknowledging children when they are doing well.
  4. Celebrating when goals are reached.

Edgemont SOAR teachers will reference the Distance Learning Expectations and will continue to teach, re-teach, and acknowledge from afar. We appreciate your support as we navigate new ground and are able to strengthen the school-home relationship more than ever!